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Vital through life

Applied naturopathy


Healing with a view to the cause

You have probably landed on my website because you or your animal have been struggling with health problems for a long time, which keep coming back or less even after they have subsided.  Under certain circumstances, new problems arise in the same context.

Illness is an imbalance of energy.

For me, it is important to find out how and where the health problem arose,  so that not only does the symptom go away, but also the cause of the problem was created at all. Together with you, I would like to find the cause of the disorder in your body or that of your animal in order to achieve holistic healing. Once this has been found and treated, the body is able to heal itself. We can also support the body together so that this process runs faster.

Working with animals is a little easier because they perceive them energetically better than we do and are not influenced by disturbing thoughts.

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As a health coach, I see it as my job to find the cause of the imbalance in the body; a treatment that only cures the symptoms or even suppresses them only eliminates the problem for a short time. In my opinion, the real problem can only be cured holistically. 
Several years ago I specialized in finding the root cause of health problems. I came across the energetic methods.

Über Edith


The  way we heal  is new to  define

After I gave up my own practice for physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation as a qualified physiotherapist in Lucerne and Cham, I was able to realize my dream in 2015 and continue my education in the field of "natural healing of animals".

The enthusiasm of the pet owners led them to be tested and tested themselves wanted to be treated. Since the state of health of the animal has a very strong connection to the owner himself, I discovered that they can hardly be separated from each other. Your animal is ultimately in your energy circle. 


An overview of the entire system

In naturopathy, humans and animals are examined and treated holistically. Instead of just looking at the symptom or illness, the naturopath takes a look at the entire system. So it is quite possible that back pain, for example, can result from intestinal problems. If you then go deeper and search further, intolerance, bacteria or parasites can possibly be the reason and trigger for the health problems. If you treat these specifically, you help the body to bring itself into a healing state that gently and permanently solves the problem. The treatment happens naturally.


There are now many natural treatments such as phytotherapy, kinesiology, bioresonance, homeopathy or orthomolecular therapy. (working with food).  In naturopathy, for example, it is often possible to achieve an improvement or at least an alleviation in "exhausted" patients.


If the cause of a problem is not specifically addressed, the excretory organs such as the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, or skin are often heavily stressed and symptoms such as itching, diarrhea or asthma can arise.


A disturbed sleep rhythm can tire the body. Very often, however, one also sees an overload of pollutants that the liver can no longer break down. Often one is tired after eating, so the task here is to find out what is stressing the body and how to optimize the performance of the liver and excretory organs again.

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Weight problems

Not only stress but also other reasons such as hidden emotions, hormonal changes or the ingestion of too many toxins can cause weight problems. Together we will find the primary problem and deal with it accordingly. 


Regardless of the form, a problem for the body that should not be underestimated. Stress puts the body on alert, for example, fears, pressure to perform or pathogens that put the body in a state of stress. If the body is in this state for a long time, it is enormously harmful. Here, too, you can activate the body's own forces and support the healing process.


Last but not least, digestive problems can be caused by our diet. Pathogens with their toxins can also put a strain on the digestive system, as can pollutants and drugs.


Toxins that get into the body through allergies, intolerance, medication, viruses, fungi, bacteria, or parasites and put a strain on the body should be eliminated.

It is important to find out what harms the body so that one can find the best possible treatment.


Did you know that around 70% of chronic pain is caused by hidden emotions?

The emotion code according to Dr. N. Bradley is tested to see which stressful emotions are hidden in the body. These emotions are tested and then deleted.





There are different methods of treatment

For diagnosis and therapy I use  mainly:

- Kinesiology (G. Goodheart)

- Bioresonance


In addition to these treatments, I work

me too with:

- Homeopathy

- Phytotherapy

- Physical therapy

- Bach flowers

- Jin Shin Jyutsu

- Schüssler salts 

- Aromatherapy

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To maintain good health, the body should be in the right balance.

The following  is important for this:

• Positive attitude

• Sun

• Get enough sleep  

• A good and healthy diet (fruit, vegetables, plenty of water)

• Enough exercise

• Stress relief / relaxation (meditation)

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